About Me

Who am I?

I’m Gavin Argo,
A young designer in pursuit of of Craft, Knowledge and Wisdom.

Craft is perhaps the easiest for me.  I love working with my hands.  It’s why I studied under brilliant faculty at Virginia Tech, incredible carpenters in Finland, worked on a Log Cabin in Norway, worked on a farm in Illinois, and many others…  It makes sense to me.

Knowledge.  This is a bit more tricky, but it’s what’s driven me to study a wide range of fields.  When I became fascinated with Photography I learned to work the camera. When robots interested me I began making them. Learning new things isn’t just a useful pursuit, it’s a constant yearning for new challenges, new skills to conquer, and new obstacles to overcome.

Wisdom.  Perhaps the hardest.  This is why I like working with talented people.  They have valuable lessons to teach.  I’d like to learn.
At the moment, I’m a young man. I’ve a long way to go. Right now, I know nothing. Perhaps someday I will.

Interested?  Feel free to look around.